Are My Cherry Puppy CBD Treats harmful?

Our brand is perfectly safe for Dogs. It is derived from Hemp oil, so it contains no THC, because of this all 50 states have approved the use of hemp-based CBD for human and animal products. The bottom line is CBD oil could be a healthy herb for your dog.

Can My Cherry Puppy help Dogs?

Early research and anecdotal testimonials show that CBD has helped pets in many different ways. Here’s a preliminary list of various conditions that CBD has been know to be able to aid in the relief of:
-Chronic Pain
-Deteriorating Quality of Life
-Digestive Issues
-Fatty Tumors
-Inflammatory Bowel Disease
-Joint & Mobility Issues
-Phobias (Fireworks, Thunderstorm)
-Skin Problems

Where are My Cherry puppy treats manufactured?

Our treats are Manufactured here in the United States, in a FDA registered OTC drug manufacturer and food facility.

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